Natural Resources and Environmental Economics

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It is stated in the EUREAU Report (Dubus & Brown, 2000), that pesticide contamination of the natural waters is one of the most important problems which at present exist in the countries of European Union (EU). For Belgium, Netherlands, France and the UK this problem is the most acute.


The major impact is made on the local communities which mostly rely on groundwater supplies. It is important to note the substances, which are mostly found in the waters across Europe:
'Pesticides have also been found in European rainwater. Approximately half of the compounds analysed were detected. For those detected, most concentrations were below 100 ng/l, but larger concentrations, up to a few thousand nanogrammes per litre, were detected at most monitoring sites. The most frequently detected compounds were lindane (gamma-HCH) and its related isomer (alpha-HCH), which were detected on 90-100% of sampling occasions at most of the sites where they were monitored.' (Pretty & Brett, 2000)
Despite the fact that the issue of water contamination with pesticides is constantly being addressed, and certain improvements take place, the problem is still serious; while much has been said about the environmental impact of the pesticide pollution of waters around Europe, not everyone yet realizes what economic impact pollution carries with itself. Water quality in the UK has already improved, and the level of this improvement is estimated at the level of 25%. (Pretty & Brett, 2000) Further improvements will take place as soon as the existing policies are completed. ...
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