Community Natural Resource Management

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Biodiversity, fresh water and food are of paramount importance to our living. They are natural gifts to us, which essentially reveals that we co-exist with them. Their extinction would mean extinction of human lives as well. In particular, fresh water is used in practically everything in our lives: "domestic water supply for personal consumption, irrigation for food production, an input in the production process of industrial and consumer goods, a natural resource that sustains the biodiversity around us and shapes the landscapes in which we live, and even the basis of some of our recreational activities" (Budds, p.142).


Up to date, there are around 1.2 billion people mostly coming from developing countries who "still lack access to sufficient and safe water to meet their basic needs" (qtd. in WHO and UNICEF, 2000).
On the other hand, our biodiversity, which includes "trees, insects, mammals, corals, amoeba, fungi and all aspects of flora (plant life), fauna (animal life) and the dynamic interactions between them", is facing extinction (David Humphreys, p.183). The increasing rate of biodiversity extinction is largely caused by "climate change, pollution and habitat loss; for example, due to urbanisation and tropical forest clearance" (Budds, p.184).
Lastly, we have a growing concern regarding food. It is noted that some agricultural practices aimed at increasing productivity have negative effects on the environment. The result is an ever-increasing difficulty to produce food: "farmers complained that they were unable to raise any pigs - the litters were too small and the young only survived a few days. ...
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