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Brain Development

Brain functions through activity of neural circuits. These circuits are formed from the fetal period and throughout the life by forming synapses in a process called synaptogenesis. The necessary neutrons that a brain will have until death are almost present in a new born baby's brain. During the development stage 250,000 neutrons are added per minute. The brain grows after birth by increasing the size of the neurons and consequent increase in number of supporting cells. The weight of the brain of the newborn is approximately 300 grams. Brain weight increases with age and achieve mature weight between six and fourteen years of life.
The baby's brain moulds itself in response to the demands of the surroundings. The child's brain is an amazing learning engine. A child learns to do everything step by step in his growing stage. Children acquire language in a fast pace. It is found out that a baby reacts to language with his complete brain until he is one year old. Brain imaging studies suggest that the brain continues to develop through adolescence and into young adulthood. During adolescence, the parts of the brain that are liable for expressing emotions and for seeking enjoyment tend to mature sooner than the regions of the brain
that control impulses, reasoning and decision making. The adult brain is related mostly to the human intellect. ...
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Brain directs a human being. The command of the nervous system is reflected in his actions, thoughts and emotions. The brain and the spinal code together are called the central nervous system (CNS). Brain is the most complicated component of the CNS. Let us have a look on how the brain develops and works.
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