Rigid Bodies and Application to Snooker

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The study of rigid body dynamics allows us to understand the main principles and laws of mechanics on practice as it provides visual examples on the base of natural observations. Rigid body dynamics principles and laws allow us to simply a number of real life physical problems, which deal with motion of bodies and successfully solve them.


In this project I made a study of main laws and principles of rigid body dynamics from the practical and theoretical point of view: as solutions to theoretical and practical exercises are provided. It required review and deeper study of vector analysis and analytical geometry.
Rigid body in mechanics is a system of material points, which doesn't change in time. So it's an idealized system for which the distance between its particles remains constant in time under any motion. Phenomenological mechanics considers rigid body to be a solid matter, in which particles are subjected to internal forces in the form of normal and tangent tensions. Such tensions are caused by external deformations. In case they're re no deformations, there are no tensions inside rigid body. In many cases deformations are so small that can be neglected. So such model is an idealized rigid body, which is not able to deform and even though internal tensions can take place because of external forces.
Rigid body is a mechanical system with six degrees of freedom. In order to define the position of a rigid body it's enough to know the position of at least 3 points: A, B, C, which do not belong to one line. In order to prove that rigid body is described by six degrees of freedom we have to take point D. ...
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