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Enviromental Change

Global warming has many greater effects other than melting ice caps and warmer winters. Its effects are escalating over the years and the climate is changing at a very rapid rate. If things are not changed around the earth is going to be a tough place to subsist in. Not just for us but for most animals and creatures.
Global warming may be simply defined as the average increase in the earth's atmospheric temperature. Global temperatures have increased by 0.74 0.18C. This rise in temperature has many effects on the environment.The polar ice caps are melting at a rapid rate and this will lead to a rise in sea level by about 1.3 meters within the next century (Carlson, 2008). For most glaciers worldwide, it is predicted that there will be an average volume loss of 60% by the year 2050 (Schneeberger, 2003). This melting can cause flash floods and overflowing of lakes. The changes in climate is leading to a change in the ecosystem.There will be an increase in the frequency of extreme weather events. Places at lower altitudes are at a higher risk from climate change. ...
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Global warming is a serious threat to the world today. There are harsh climatic changes and the planet may soon become a tough place to live, if not for us maybe for our children. Quick action must be taken or this problem could get out of hand. Thus we must take important measures to help stop global warming and one of those steps is to stop polluting the air with harmful emissions from our cars…
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