Event-Related Potential

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This paper examines the relationship between event related brain potentials and theories about cognitive functioning in both normal and clinical populations. It further analyses the viability to develop basic skills in ERP recording process in the mode of psycho physiological method.


It places a particular emphasis on studying the cognitive effects of brain injury or neurological illness with a view to inferring models of normal cognitive functioning. According to Anthony Robbins, the author of the bestseller Awakening the Giant Within and world famous corporate trainer human movement of accomplishment refer to three essentials: Physiology, Language and Focus. These three aspects of human mind and their exhibition are complimentary to each other. For instance, a player feels winning spirit and his attitude reflects in his behavior via both mental and physiological perspectives. He uses the metaphor of positive beliefs through the language he uses and focuses tirelessly to translate his passion in indomitable reality. In psychology, Cognitive processes means functions such as perception, introspection, memory, imagination, conception, belief, reasoning, volition, and emotion--in other words, all the different things that we can do with our minds. A specific instance of engaging in a cognitive process is a mental event. It is defined as different ways of experiencing and thinking about the world as "thinking", "feeling", "sensing" and "intuition". ...
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