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Geographical Information System

GIS supports spatial analysis and modeling within the discipline of geography (e.g. location, proximity and spatial distribution), so that it becomes a vital tool for modern geography. (Molenaar, 1992)
The data that will be used for this project for the project is available for an upland area of North-eastern United States. This area chosen for analysis and the beginner ski school is known as Browns Pond in the United States. Upon completion of the analysis the ed to use appropriate GIS will be used for such an analysis. The first problem that had to be analyzed was locating a Beginners' Ski School and finding the best location for a ski school catering for young children.
The beginners ski mountain will have a consistent grade within a given ability level to provide an interesting ski experience for beginners. Comfortable Carrying Capacity (CCC) is defined as an optimal level of utilization for the ski area (the number of visitors that can be accommodated at any given time) which guarantees a pleasant
recreational experience, while at the same time preserving the quality of the environment. The accurate estimation of the CCC of a mountain is a complex issue and is the single most important planning criterion for the beginners ski maintain. ...
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This paper encompasses a discussion based on analyzing grid-cell data with the ArcView GIS. During the course of the discussion the best location for an outdoor business will be identified. The paper will define and solve the problems that would arise when finding a beginners ski school using this technique…
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