Biometric identification

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Biometric identification refers to identification procedures by means of biological characteristics like facial patterns, speech or finger prints. Today biometric identification has been implemented in to some extent in Brazil and Canada. In the United States too, it has received mandate with the government trying to implement it.


A database containing this information of the citizens would also be developed. The bill has received the support of the Prime Minister Tony Blair and David Blunkett.
Biometric identification can uniquely identify a person. It is very much secure as the cards cannot be replicated easily for illegal purposes. Its implementation would help the government to fight the problems of illegal workers and immigrants and save funds by ensuring proper usage of the National Health Service.
On the contrary there are many disadvantages. It may lead to ethnic conflicts as it has the potential to isolate people belonging to ethnic groups. There is a possibility that the data stored in the database may be used for illegal purposes. The ethics of implementing this system need to be thoroughly reviewed.
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