Current and Future trends in Microelectromechnical Systems

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MEMS or Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems, also referred to as micro-machines is an emerging technology, which has had a phenomenal growth in the past decade. This technology is well suited to producing a class of micro-machined sensors and actuators that combines signal processing and communications on a single silicon chip or contained within the same package.


cessing, and data acquisition features."[2] The term MEMS refer to the devices that are on a millimetre scale with micro-resolution. It is the integration of mechanical elements, sensors, actuators and electronics on common silicon substrate through the utilization of microfabrication technology [8].
There are several broad categories of MEMS fabrication technologies. They are Bulk micromachining, Surface micromachining, LIGA, Deep reactive ion etching and the integrated MEMS technologies. The brief [9] of each of the technologies is given below
Bulk micromachining is a fabrication technique which builds mechanical elements by starting with a silicon wafer, and then etching away unwanted parts, and being left with useful mechanical devices [9].'The advantages are less cost high reliability, manufacturability, and good repeatability [9]. Surface Micromachining builds devices up from the wafer layer-by-layer [9]. ...
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