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This paper discusses how I will organise myself to carry out an interview in the topic area of gender and analyse the findings. It begins with writing of an interview schedule and then drafting of an information sheet and a consent form. It illustrates on how one identifies his interviewee and how he is supposed to gain his or her consent that he or she will be available for the interview.


For one, the interviewee should be aware how long the interview is supposed to take so that he can organize it against his or her day's commitments. It discusses on the first steps that are supposed to be considered before one schedule an interview such as requesting the interviewee about the interview, scheduling it according his or her availability and then getting a consent from the interviewer in case one is to record the proceeding of the interview in a tape recorder. A well organised interview will be a success since it will run smoothly as scheduled and finally achieve its objectives.
The area that I will explore in my interview assignment is gender. I will interview on what people do understand by the term conformity. The preparation involves the preparation of the interview questions to ask the interviewee and identification of the best interviewee to invite who is in a position to discuss this issue properly.
Participating in the study will require a short interview about 'Gender'. The interview will be tape-recorded and will be heard by myself only. The tape will be solely for the purpose of research with the ethical standards of confidentiality. If you wish, the tape can be destroyed at any time.
The chairs should be arranged not facing one another and they should be of the same size to bring calm and equality dur ...
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