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Ans: The big burst through that enabled the streaming revolt was the implementation of a new Internet protocol called the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) and new indoctrination modus operandi that compressed audio files into tremendously small packets of data.


UDP and RTSP are idyllic for audio dissemination given that they place a high precedence on unremitting streaming rather than on utter document sanctuary. Disparate TCP and HTTP transmission, when a UDP audio packet drops out, the server keeps sending information, reasoning only a brief malfunction as an alternative of a massive gap of silence. TCP, on the other hand, keeps trying to resend the lost packet before distributing anything more, cause greater delays and breakups in the audio broadcast (Brenton, 2003).
Former to UDP and RTSP transmission, data was sent over the Web for the most part via TCP and HTTP. TCP transmission, in difference to UDP and RTSP transmission, is planned to constantly transfer text documents, email, and HTML web pages over the Internet while enforcing maximum steadfastness and data veracity rather than correctness. Since HTTP transmission is based on TCP, it is also not complementary for transmitting multimedia presentations that rely on time-based processes or for large-scale broadcasting (Brenton, 2003).
Some streaming technologies such as RealAudio and Windows Media utilize fanatical servers that sustain advanced UDP and RTSP transmission. Other layouts such as Shockwave, Flash, MIDI, QuickTime, and Beatnik are principally considered to stream from a standard HTTP web server. ...
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