Stem Cell Research: What It All Means

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Over the course of the past months and years, especially in political, scientific, and religious circles, talk has begun of a process, which is called stem cell research. It is this process which scientists feel has great potential in providing a future cure for ailments such as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's Disease to name a few.


Fox and the hundreds of thousands of others who fight such ailments will not have to do so. Unfortunately, as is the case with everything else in life, this situation too proves to show a lack of 100% certainty. We as human beings just tend to find ourselves without the luxury of having that. In return, it is left up to instinct and brainpower to guide towards an answer to a problem or problems. The purpose of this essay is to give a brief summation of what stem cell research is as well as what it means for the scientific community and what they hope to accomplish. Also the verbal battle it has caused to ensue between entities ranging from a scientific lab, the White House, and going all the way to Rome and the Vatican.
According to the official resource for the National Institute of Health, stem cells and their importance are described as; "Stem cells have two important characteristics that distinguish them from other types of cells. First, they are unspecialized cells that renew themselves for long periods through cell division. ...
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