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The Rusting Process

A closer look at the website of the company would suggest that its business is divided into three different segments.
Its consumer segment provides services such as Broadband, digital TV, home phones etc. consumers are also offered some bundled packages like Broadband and TV together. Its Small and Medium Business segment provide broadband facilities to the businesses along with offering other services such as web hosting & ecommerce as well as management of email and internet facilities at its clients. Its large business and public sector segment offer services such as networked IT services, Industry expertise, in-house facilities and other high end services.
The following section of the report will present an analysis of the forecasted financial performance of the company as on 31.03.2009. For detailed working of the facts and figures, please see the attached appendix.
1) Sales growth will be taken from the historical trends of the sales growth in last five years. ...
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British Telecom or BT is one of the leading telecom companies in UK besides having presence in more than 170 countries. The company is registered on London as well as New York Stock exchanges with total capital of
BT has a very rich history full of successes as well as failures as BT, in recent past, has been able to transform itself into a competitive organisation with focus on growth and achieving value for its shareholders…
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