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Case Study example - The Tarvydas Integrative Decision-Making Model of Ethical Behavior

The Tarvydas Integrative Decision-Making Model of Ethical Behavior Case Study example
Case Study
Social science
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This paper reviews the case and utilizes the Tarvydas Integrative Decision-Making Model of Ethical Behavior to identify and analyze ethical choices that were necessary for the law enforcement officers in the incidence…

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The paper considers the steps of the model and offer a basis for evaluating the officer’s actions.The first instance involves the dilemma of either pursuing the suspect or not. Awareness of the situation identifies a residential area and potential risk of accidents during pursuit, possibility that the suspect is armed, busy vicinity because of existence of a college in the neighborhood. A review of these factors and consideration of codes of ethical practice and utilitarian and rule ethics identifies the interest of the residents, people in the college environment as well as the officer’s safety. The suspect’s intention was not yet known but defiance indicates potential threat to the officers and other people in the environment. A pursuit of containing the suspect was necessary, though consultation with pursuit supervisor was required. Selecting appropriate pursuit strategy, planning, and execution of pursuit would then follow. The second instance involved the suspect running through an intersection, disregarding a stop sign and almost hitting another vehicle and the ethical decision is whether to continue pursuit or to stop. Awareness and sensitivity of the environment shows the suspect’s risk to the immediate society because he could cause accidents by hitting vehicles and people. His state of mind is not ascertained and he could be a threat to other people even while outside the car. While pursuing the suspect would be dangerous, the officers’ care and effectiveness in containing the suspect could minimize these risks relative to the risks of having the suspect in the street. Utilitarian ethics would support efficient pursuit of containing the suspect.
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