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Persuading against gun control

This essay persuades against gun control and its implementation.The immediate damage guns do in assaults, homicides, unintentional shootings, amounting to more than a million deaths since 1965 and about three times that number of injuries, cannot be denied. Indeed, in considering, the potential benefits of sentencing enhancements for gun use in crime, a ban on particularly dangerous types of guns, or more stringent regulation of gun commerce, the first question must be whether that policy will save lives and increase public safety or not, and even if the answer is yes, then there remains a second, more subtle question as to what would be the measures taken in order to make the policy effective in public safety”?
Efforts have always been taken to keep guns away from those deemed at high risk for misusing them and has been an important goal of gun policy. “The most promising new option in design is to ‘personalize’ guns, thereby preventing them from being fired by persons other than the authorized owner and in such way convict not to implement gun control . This technology along with a variety of different technological options holds some promise for saving lives by making guns inoperable to despondent members of society. If we analyze the sequence of events that leads to a shooting, we would come to know many facts like “the assailant must acquire the gun, bring or carry it to the scene of the encounter, and then deploy it against the victim. Law enforcement and regulatory agencies may intervene in any of these three areas ...
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This essay dwells upon the significance of persuasion against gun control. Apart from being a serious menace to public health and safety in the United States, Gun control serves as an instrumental weapon which is responsible for more than 35,000 fatalities and 100,000 injuries annually…
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