Sociology and Culture: Causes of Poverty in the United States - Essay Example

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Sociology and Culture: Causes of Poverty in the United States

As the report discusses there are many theories which have been put forward to explain the causes of poverty in the United States. Broadly speaking, these theories fall into either the cultural / behavioral arguments for poverty or the structural / economic theories. The cultural / behavioral arguments attempt to explain poverty in terms of social and behavioral deficiencies in individuals as being the causes of poverty, while the economic / structural theories present links between poverty and the economy or the interrelated institutional environment, which tends to favor certain groups in the community over the others based on race, gender or class. Most republicans tend to support the cultural / behavioral explanations for poverty, while the democrats have supported the economic / structural explanations.
This paper explores that female workers earn less and certain racial groups such as the Hispanics, Native Americans and the African Americans generally had lower incomes as compared to the national median income of $43, 318 in 2003. Also, certain areas of the country could be termed “disadvantaged” in terms of the income that the residents were able to generate. Native American reservations and Appalachia had distinctly lower incomes then the rest of the country, with some Native Americans earning less then $9000 p.a. and living without plumbing and running water. Poverty also attracted the evils of poverty including alcoholism, crime, broken families etc. Native American youth had 17 times higher death rate due to alcoholism as compared to the national average. ...
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This essay talks that the United States of America is, without a doubt, the most affluent nation in the world. Some regions and groups can’t seem to improve their lot and many theories have been presented to explain the poverty that exists in the land. …
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