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The Advantages of Depression

When a person is unhappy about something on a subconscious level, they do not realize it consciously. They continue to get unhappier and more discontent, without realizing why. Then, as a defense to letting this condition continue, the mind goes into depression. Only when the patient addresses the problem (cause of depression) consciously, does the depression end (Seligman et al, 1988). Here, one can think of depression as the minds way of bringing attention to ignored problems in the mind. It sheds light on the problems which are keeping the person from becoming happy, and refuses to let the person live normally until the problem stands addressed (Lehrer, 2010). Thus, far from a nuisance, depression is a tool of the mind to bringing a person closer to happiness.
Finally, this disease also provides the patient with an advantage as far as abilities is concerned. A rather unexplained fact related to depression is that it leads to an increase in creativity. Several artists and writers from both past and present have been reported to be patients of depression. According to Nancy Andreasen, a neuroscientist who has researched extensively about this characteristic of depression, this correlation is explained by the increased levels of persistence found in patients of depression. They are able to fully concentrate on their work, and persevere with the task. This leads to a boost in their creativity enjoyed by these patients of depression (Lehrer, 2010). ...
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In the paper “The Advantages of Depression” the author analyzes several positive aspects of this disease, which may not make one want to become depressed, but provide an optimistic viewpoint for those who are depressed. Amongst these is the expansion of creativity found amongst patients of depression. …

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