How Experience of Colonialism Affected Latin American Development And Post-independence - Essay Example

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How Experience of Colonialism Affected Latin American Development And Post-independence

This report stresses that Tte wars for independence led to fragmentation of the existing political order, militarization and mobilization of war resources that ultimately continued the civil wars even after independence. The independence was not immediately accompanied by economic and social growth since there were not property rights protection and enough structures that could guarantee trade flows. Haiti was one of the lucrative countries due to exports of sugar and French colonizers forced the country to pay reparations after its independence in 1804 thus shelling out more than 80 percent of the nation’s budget.
This paper makes a conclusion that colonisation of Latin America led to different economic, political and social changes such as new languages, Christianity, and new cultures. The colonial period was marked by economic exploitation of raw materials and political oppression of the natives. The Haiti revolution and subsequent French revolution inspired Latin American movements for independence and led to new nations that faced numerous governance challenges due to lack of constitution and struggles for economic success by the elite natives. The post-independence period was marked by export-led economy, military coups, internal conflicts and clamor for political revolution. However, the current Latin American society has integrated in to world markets and is currently experiencing political stability due to democratic governance and social welfare policies. ...
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This essay talks about how experience of colonialism affected Latin American development and post-independence. Latin American countries offered rich mining grounds and European colonizers engaged in shipment of raw materials to Europe without developing the industry. …
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