Ethical view on the influence of corporations on environment

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In broad terms, the main aim of ethics application in any corporate is to actively work on identifying both the rules that should be governing peoples behavior and the goods that are worth seeking (Mhhe 10). Ethical decision making are characters which are normally guided by the…


What is never implemented by omission is the employment of ethical rules which precisely governs the ordering of values and also demands managers and employees in general to act with integrity (Mhhe 10). This paper will explore in ethical perspective the influence its corporation has on environment.
There are various dramas and scandals which engulfed many business companies as a result of poor ethical standards resulting into ethical dilemma. It should be noted that the end result of such scandals is never sweet as many people think. People have been accused, some convicted after being charged with ethical related crimes. This is because most ethical scandals are normally pre-planned by cooperation of several stakeholders within the company (Mhhe 12). This character is mostly propagated by stingy rules which allow dictation where one value overrides the others within the same corporate.
Moral principals are standards that guide behaviors of everybody in business world which should be applicable in business environment despite the rank or position of the individual (Mhhe 12). The first step in achieving this is by developing ethical systems which is a specialized tool for demonstrating how business ethics could be applied to create a favorable working environment (Mhhe 12).
One of the factors influencing ethical corporates on working environment is the application of moral standards. This broadly refers to overall principles, rules and values that people within the business environment apply before and when deciding what is right or wrong (Mhhe 13). In layman’s language, this seem to be a simple statement but often becomes a terrible complex point of reference primarily when ignored and later faced with ethical dilemma.
When incorporation ethical system in creating favorable working environment; universalism is one of the key ethical system ...
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