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Chiquita Brand

Their main aim was making profits regardless of the means that they used. At some point, a musician, Little Steven, composed a song titled Bitter Fruit, which was about how wealthy managers guided peasant farmers in an orange factory. The song clearly was written to attack Chiquita Company. However, overtime, this has changed (Kepos, 2007, p. 27)
The company, under new executive management, built a good reputation, becoming the world’s leading banana and other fruits trading company. Its close competitor is Dole Food Company, formerly known as the Standard Fruit Company. There has been a tale of stiff competition that has lasted for decades. Together, the two companies trade half of all the fruits in the world.
Apart from bananas that make up over 65% of the company’s sales, Chiquita also engages in the sale of other fruits like tomatoes, pineapples, citrus fruits, apples, grapes, melons, fruit juices and other fruit extracts. Most of the company products are sold in Northern America and Europe. The company is wide spread operating in over 70 countries across the world (Datamonitor, 2000, p. ...
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The company was formed in 1984 because of a mash up between two fruit companies, i.e. United Fruits, and AMK. The initial name of the company was United Brands; the name Chiquita was adopted by…
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