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Analytical Using Realist Theory

The recent past has revealed that countries like China have consequently developed strong economy that has threatened your country’s stability at the helm of super power. In addition to this, convergence by European countries to form the European Union is also a sign of power struggle in the world.
In addition to this, there has been considerable rise in uprisings in many countries in the Middle East leading to what is commonly known as the Arab Spring. Mr. President, I would also wish to bring to your attention about the current Ukraine crisis with Russia not forgetting that Russia is the largest supplier of oil and gas in the world. The recent outbreak of Ebola disease in Africa that has also seen the spread of the disease in your country Mr. President is also an indication that there is a lot of power imbalance in the current world according to realists. Moreover, Mr. President, I would like also to draw your attention to the recent conflict in Syria that indicates the concept of statism that simply implies that the State is premier and hence any other actors involved in world politics are of no significance. I would also like to bring into your attention the manner in which the Syrian conflict was resolved. China and Russia influenced in a huge amount on UN sanctions that aimed at reducing violence in Syria. From the scenario, it is evident that Russia and China can greatly influence UN decisions hence illustrating that no international bodies may govern sovereign countries. ...
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Mr. President, according to the realist’s point of view the current world is experiencing a lot of imbalance in terms of power. Mr. President, realism is considered one of the most accurate way of analyzing international relations as it provides us with a pragmatic framework that put into evaluation about the current issues in the world…
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