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Middle East Politics - Essay Example

Social science
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The paper delves on the political issues of Middle East nations. The paper focuses on religion as an influential factor in the region’s political scene. Religion and economics plays a vital role in Middle East political…

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Middle East Politics

The government uses oil money to uplift the lives of the residents.
Iraq is an unstable political nation (Ayoob, 2006). The country is the threshold of breaking up between the people of both the Kurdish group and the Arab group. There is a continuing rift between Iraqi Sunni Muslims and Iraqi Shiite Muslims. The rift cropped up because Muhammad did not appoint his replacement (Hazleton, 2009).
Iran is on the verge of producing its first nuclear warhead. The nation is an open republic. The republic allows suggestions, comments, and other inputs from any member of Iranian society. The drive to set up nuclear weapons is a stop the uninvited political intervention from the United States. Iranian politics is leading towards a democratic government. The religious leaders run the Iran government, especially Shiite Muslim Ayatollah Sistani. The citizens democratically elect their next political leaders (Ayoob, 2006).
The Saud family, the political family ruling over Saudi Arabia, is persuaded to grant more democratic power to the citizens (Ayoob, 2006). The granting of democratic freedom strengthens Saud family’s hold on the people. Such democratic movements will allow the people to voice their anti-American politics concerns.
Turkey questions why the European Union cannot allow entry of Turkey into the fold of the European Union (Ayoob, 2006). Some residents believe their Islamic faith hinders entry into the European Union. The people happily feel the government grant more democratic freedom. Turkey is deeply involved in the Middle East nations’ political affairs, doing its best as NATO member to keep the peace and unity within the region.
The political situation shows there is a continuing political conflict between the Jewish Israel people and the Islam-dominated Palestine people (Ayoob, 2006). The United States is persuading Israel to give up its control over the Gaza strip to Palestine, to reduce the conflict between ...
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