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summary on the following 3 readings

The speculation about the society of states that tends to shape the international law according to Wright explains the scene of theories of IR prior to 1914. The international law was the most vital of the reminiscences of theory of IR during that period (Wight 16)
Secondly, Wright opines that theories of international relations are marked by not only paucity but rather with intellectual and moral poverty. Wright highlights the unique poverty pertaining the imposition of the autonomous state and the notion of progress. The imposition of sovereign state argument is explainable via the state explanation and jurisdiction. As such, the balance of power cannot be a precise tool due to its ambiguity. Wright further provides that such hegemonic thoughts developed in the 20th C as a result of theoretical vacuum. Nevertheless, the theories could not establish themselves due to the lack of feasible situations that could cause them to happen. As such, the three determining phenomena to the international system cannot be described by an international thought, rather through domestic viewpoints. He provides that the nature of theories of IR coupled with the intellectual and political roles performed by the IR schools of thought are very similar to the nature of typical political theory. Of interest to the theorist is the recent bias to explicit theoretical reflection about IR being a definite measure of the importance of IR. As such, he provides the ultimate theoretical and political justification of the increased interest in IR. He argues that the threats stemming from the unresolved political challenges, people have come to think more in terms of a supranational community, a global government and political structures that culminate to the nation-state. Consequently, he provides an exemplary reflection of the political challenges whose solutions need functioning structures and ...
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Wright denies the existence of the theory of IR based on the principles of the methodology of the study of IR and the conceptual system that offers unified explanations of international occurrences. An initial glance according to Wright is that the speculation of relations among…
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