The United Nations And the European Union - Essay Example

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The United Nations And the European Union

This essay declares that the efficiency of EU’s counter-terrorism operations is also highly questionable. Generally, the EU doesn’t support the US concept of a ‘war on terror’ and tends to criticize the US approach as highly military driven and overactive. The EU has adopted soft approach of sanctions and political pressure. The European governments are highly worried about the consequence of their anti-terrorism policies on their Muslim population which constitutes around 16 to 21 million of overall EU’s population.
This paper makes a conclusion that both the UN and EU have played a crucial role in peacekeeping operations on a global and regional level. The end of cold war is marked as the transformation period for both the organizations in terms of their peacekeeping operations and foreign policies. The emergence of global terrorism, growing intrastate conflicts, rising nuclear proliferation, transformation of global political system from unipolarity to multipolarity in recent years, globalization, and growing economic inequality are some of the major common pressures which triggered developments in both the institutions. Despite radical reformation, the UN and EU possess significant deficiencies in their structure and flaws in their policies. The effectiveness of their peacekeeping operations is rather limited. In order to preserve collective security and global peace, it is necessary for both these crucial organizations to reform their policies and adopt effective measures to conquer present flaws in their functional framework. ...
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UNO was founded in response to the sufferings caused by the World War II. The purpose of this paper is to compare the development of UN peacekeeping and EU foreign policy since the end of the Cold War and highlight influential common factors that are responsible for these organizations’ reformation. …
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