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Generation Gap. Difference between 18-34. Advantages and disadvantages

Based on the rapid advancements in science and technology, the life styles of the people are also changing at a fast pace. An eighteen year old youth and 34 year old adult have different life styles and life philosophies.Younger generations always bring fresh ideas which can help even the elder generation in improving the quality of their life. “Some of the advantages that are brought in diverse generation gaps are that people understand various levels of thinking and also learn the work culture at different levels”
Generation gap brings some advantages and disadvantages to human life. The major advantage of generation gap is that younger generation may become self sufficient whereas the major disadvantage of generation gap is the fact that younger generation may not get the lessons from the elder ones.It is difficult for a thirty four year old adult to understand even the languages and mannerisms of an eighteen year old youth. Colloquial languages are used extensively by the modern youths compared to the adults of in their thirties. For example, we can see the intrusions of colloquial languages like apos;s, wanna, gonna etc in the spoken English of the current youths. Such colloquial languages are less among the adults in their thirties. In short, the generation gap is widening as time passes. “There always has been generation gap since the dawn of civilization”. This paper briefly analyses the advantages and disadvantages of generation gap. ...Show more


Based on the rapid advancements in science and technology, the life styles of the people are also changing at a fast pace. An eighteen year old youth and 34 year old adult have different life styles and life philosophies…
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