UK Drug Policy

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It is acknowledged that the United Kingdom has one of the highest levels of drug use in the world. According to a report carried out by the Center for Drug Policy titled "An analysis of UK Drug policy", the UK is reported as having the highest level of dependent drug use in Europe.


Due to the nature of drug problem in the country, the British government has shown a commitment in controlling the effects of drugs which has far reaching effects the country. Illegal drugs in Britain are covered under the Drug Misuse Act of 1971 which was passed by the British government to help in the control of drug use. In addition to this act, this year a Ten year drug strategy (2008-2018), was adopted. Its major objective is to reduce the amount of illegal drugs that is supplied in Britain and to help civilians who are dependent on them. The other major areas of concern of the strategy are: reducing the rate of drug related crime, provision of public information and organization of campaigns so as to enlighten the community on the effects of drugs, it also caters for children who are desperate as a result of drug problems.
There are a wide range of criminal activities which arise as a result of drugs. These include participation in organized crime by drug addicts so that they may get money to buy drugs as well as increase in levels of violence as a result of drug use.
There is also a wide range of physical, social and psychological problems associated with drugs were noted that nearly half of the recorded criminal activities have a direct relation to drugs. ...
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