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Equalizing Opportunity

Statistics relating to gays and lesbians are indeterminate, largely because of a lack of national surveys but, are estimated to stand between 5-7% (Salt and Miller, 2006). What these statistics and figures tell us is that the British labour force is an extremely diverse one and that the concern over diversity management and equality within organisations needs to be understood from this perspective.
Recognising the importance of equality and diversity issues in both the workplace and British society, the Guardian Unlimited has, in just the past week, published several articles on the topic. Of these articles, one in particular stands out. Published in the Money section of the newspaper, under the category of "the gender gap," this article, entitled "Equalising Opportunity" stands out for a number of reasons. Indeed, despite its extremely short length, this article, published on 5th January 2007, sheds light on a number of interesting facts and an important policy development regarding gender equality in the workplace. ...
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The British labour market is a highly diverse one. According to available statistics, it is constantly moving towards greater diversity. According to 2005 statistics released by the Office of National Statistics, 5.4% of the British labour force is foreign, with EU and former Commonwealth migration statistics, among other non-British sources of labour inflow, indicating a continual increase…
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