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Many people consider that there is too much advertising, which makes us more materialistic, keeps stereotypes, plays on our prejudices of not becoming socially acceptable, tells lie, uses children, aw well as corrupts the whole society. Though most of these ideas are not altogether true, there is a little truth to each of them.


"In order to comprehend the impact of all this advertising, on society we must learn how to see through advertisements, for they are not just messages about goods and services but social and cultural texts about ourselves". Root (1997) has pointed out:
As long as you are unable to decode the significance of ordinary things, and as long as you take the signs of your culture at face can free yourself from that sign and perhaps find a new way of looking at the world. You will control the signs of your culture rather than having them control you. (p. 18)
In order to understand how to read advertisements critically we must begin to incorporate "popular culture as a serious object of politics and analysis" (Morley, 1992, p. 48). While all culture is worthy of investigation, popular culture is often devalorized as "sub-literature or paraliterature" (Eckhouse, 1999, p. 120). However, in critically reading even something as seemingly mundane as an advertisement we can begin to see "the political, social and cultural forms of subordination that create inequities among different groups as they live out their lives" (Giroux cited in Frith & McLuhan, 1997, p. 7). This type of critical pedagogy enables us to view aspects of popular culture within broader social, cultural, and political considerations. ...
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