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The Holocaust is a bleak and horrifying event in the 20th history that has been portrayed seriously and horrifyingly by films and literature. Holocaust was a massive killing of Jews by Germany's National Socialist regime, which was led by Germany's notorious leader, Adolf Hitler.


Only few films mellowed the utter disgust and dismay of this notorious period. Steven Spielberg's, Schindler's List, for example, conveyed realistic, truthful, and tragic accounts of the holocaust. Though its writers retained the atrocious and abhorrent feelings of the moviegoers for the holocaust, they have shown it in a comical fashion. Instead of focusing on the unnerving atrocities done by the soulless tyrants: Mussolini and Hitler, the film emphasized the triumph of the human will and courage against the brutality and the evil that they experienced during World War 2. One of these movies is La vita bella (Life is Beautiful).
The film "Life is Beautiful" is an Italian movie co-written, directed and starred by Roberto Benigni. It is about a young Italian Jew who virtually lives in his imaginative made up fairy tale world during the time when Italy was under Hitler's regime. He later needed to learn how to use his imaginative powers to help his son survive while they were detained in a Nazi concentration camp. The film can be divided into two parts. The first is about Guido's life before he was deported to the concentration camp in Auschwitz, while the remaining half illustrated the experiences that Guido, his wife, Dora, and his son, Giosue had in it.
The first scene of the movie immediately provides us a foresight on the mood and tone of the entire film. ...
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