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Media Guided Ignorance

Specialization in each sub division became a must to be an expert in concerned areas. Actually from this concept arose the saying: "A specialist is one who knows more and more about less and less".
An individual has enough freedom to take one's own decision on going for specialization or not. But none has the choice of being a generalist or not. Minimum knowledge on all issues regarding day-to-day life and elaborately about the whole universe is a must for all human beings. Of course, there will be much difference in knowledge levels of men with different educational qualifications, different professions and those belong to different geographical areas. Here also, we can't remain down beneath the bottom level. The basic reason is nothing but total ignorance makes a man unfit to survive. Men who know nothing about nothing won't be in a position to respond even to the problems in their personal life. They will be having only suspicions and questions before all happenings in and around the world. This stage of never ending confusions will lead a person only to a stage where he becomes a laughing stalk before his own fellow beings.
The prime purpose of primary education is to provide students the basic knowledge explained above. It will be very much clear if we closely examine the curriculum of primary education. In a nut shell, it is an attempt to create good awareness on our life which may also be explained as some sort of common sense. ...
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It's a fact of no dispute that day-by-day man acquires more knowledge. All men are in the never ending process of thinking every minute that the world passes through. Different people may think in different manner and on entirely different topics and issues…
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