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Globalization and Welfarte States - Essay Example

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Globalization refers to the increased intermixing of cultures, people to people interactions brought about by advancements in fields of communication, transport and infrastructures. Globalization is a phenomenon at a global level were national borders are giving way to new economic and trade zones encompassing several countries…

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Globalization and Welfarte States

As identified by Beveridge, W (1942, UK), five evils that were plaguing the society namely squalor, ignorance, want idleness and disease. He emphasized the formation of the welfare state as an antidote to these problems. He suggested a series of policy changes in order to give every citizen and equality of treatment, opportunity and out come. It is noteworthy to mention in this context the much successful model of the Swedish welfare state. The Swedish model is seen as an ideal welfare state as it firmly
establishes the link between globalization and the welfare state. The Swedish economy being one of the wealthiest European economies benefited hugely with the advent of globalization. As global trade barriers dropped post war, Sweden adopted globalization whole heartedly propelling it from one of the poorest nations in Europe to one of the richest economies in the world today. Sweden boosted its economy by taking advantage of the free currency convertibility and reduced trade barriers between nations. Social reform went hand in glove with new trade policy bringing about a system of institutional care for its citizens. These changes increased both per capita and life expectancy among the Swedish, making Sweden a true egalitarian state. ...
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