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Sociopolitical and ideological conditions and constraints of translation - Research Proposal Example

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Author : bgleason
Research Proposal
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The dissertation will be an investigation of the socio-political and ideological conditions and constraints of translation. I intend to examine the present theories and concepts on the issue of constraints what will enable me to provide synthesis of the major constraints and determine the status of the issue, its applications, possible outcomes and solutions of the problem…

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Sociopolitical and ideological conditions and constraints of translation

Although the issue of how ideology, society, and politics may influence interpreting is omnipresent in the field of translation, the research has only recently started to focus on it. A different look at the relationship between translation and ideology may result in remodeling of the whole practice with emphasis on social aspects rather then on a habitual psycholinguistic processing skill. Bassnett (1996) emphasizes the need for reassessment of a translator's role in the process of linguistic transfer. lvarez & Vidal (1996) concentrate on the importance of the ideology and socio-political issues underlying the translation process. Despite the recent trends, in reality, applications of personal beliefs in translation process can be found in the earliest literature available to humanity (Fawcett, 1998). And still the linguistic-oriented approaches have failed to address the issues of ideology and socio-political factors due to the fact that these approaches are limited to the empirical data collected and scientific models for research. Consequently, scholars fail to consider social values and ideologies involved in the translation process (Venuti, 1998).
Thus, the failure of old descriptive linguistic based approaches resulted in development of a new tre ...
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