Global Travel Industry

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Central to the research study is the effect of the bombing of the World Trade Center in the global travel industry. Notice that the words 'unstable regions' are included in the question. Considering that every region in the earth can be targeted by terrorists or any social upheaval, it becomes hard to imagine if there are any places which can be considered stable.


According to a 2006 survey of corporate executives travel behavior and preferences conducted by Wainhouse Research, a market research firm based in the United States, out of 480 middle- and upper-management respondents, 63 percent affirmed that their propensity to take trips have lowered due to several factors such as war, terrorism, security inspections, new budgetary restraints and the like. This was in line with the results of their 2002 survey where 44 percent indicated restricting their trips abroad and at home. The results of the 2006 survey are significant since the 2002 results were obtained in the immediate wake of the 9/11 attacks where people do tend to prefer not traveling. It just goes to show that even after 4 years marked by strict security measures, people still do not want to expose themselves to the risks. According to Market Research, an online company selling its business research, the USA and the United Kingdom has seen an increase in security consciousness with heavy monitoring in areas with people traffic very much high. ...
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