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Television & Cultural Change

And we somehow should count if not for it then for its influence on the members of our families. We got used to it and its absence in our lives would leave a blank space. But is it so What if this habit is really a harmful, soul killing addiction, and a brain-dumbing drug
A lot of studies were devoted to television influence on the human. We will try to analyse if television has any influence on the viewer and if it does, is it negative or positive. Some claim that it is harmful and destructive for our senses, health and mind. Others point out a lot of positive sides for an individual and for the society as whole. We will try to pay due attention to both points of views.
Firstly, far from everything broadcasted is fit for watching even for adults let alone children. In average one hour of broadcast contains 5,5 scenes of violence and sex. Some analyses show that movies prevail over other television genres as per violence and sex - 57,0% of total number of scenes. Almost a quarter (23,3%) is commercials. Each eighth scene (12,6%) is shown in documentaries. And news bulletins make 4,9%. Another interesting fact that "cartoons, the favourite television fare of most young children contain roughly eighteen acts of aggression every hour. ...
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I think that anxieties about "dumbing down" in public service broadcasting are legitimate. Soap operas like "Emmerdale" or "Eastenders" are drawing in people and make them to lose their interest to the real life. However dumb programmes are very popular in United Kingdom; for example, "Emmerdale" had more than 4,000 shows.
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