European Identity

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This dissertation contains detailed analysis of one of the most integral aspects of European studies; 'European identity' as a terminological construct. Whether it is Arts, Sciences, History, Architecture, Cinema or Business; one can't help but reflect over this focus on 'identity', which implies that there are certain notions, qualities and thoughts, which bind different European nations together as some sort of a supranational entity.


the European way of thinking, the European foreign policy, the European attitude and so much more.
Fact remains that in the history of civilisation, Europe is the only continent which has succeeded in putting aside unavoidable differences to transform itself into the synergised reality of today. The aim of this paper is to investigate the main themes of European identity and its meaning in relation to a syncretic range of topics. In doing so, we'll take a look into present and past challenges, catalysts in transition and regional perspectives from different European countries (case studies from 8 countries).
The combined economy of EU is the largest in the world with a nominal GDP of 11.6 trillion in 2007 (IMF report, 2007). ...
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