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Psychology Inquiry One Interview - Research Paper Example

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When we look at an object or person, we identify it as something. Objects or persons are not considered individuals but they are grouped into cognitive categories based on their similarities. Each category has expectations for appearance and behavior. Two fundamental bases for categorization are gender and age (Horn & Gurel, 1981)…

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Psychology Inquiry One Interview

Gender has been shown to affect teacher-student interactions and expectations. Brophy and Good (1970) found that boys received more behavior criticism than did girls. Rich (1975) found that unattractive girls were blamed less frequently for a misbehavior and received more lenient recommendations for punishment than did unattractive boys.
(Allen & Eicher, 1973) found that in a school, dress that conforms to peer expectations may enhance social acceptability and opportunities for social interaction with peers. They found that friendship choice and choice for peer group membership as a function of violation of dress norms.
The courses presented in school during the time the respondent attended school conformed to gender expectations. The respondents' background in woodwork which caused her to join the woodwork course has caused the respondent to non-conform to the female gender role and conform to the male role. At first after joining the woodwork course as a female, the teacher demonstrated disapproval of being a female in a male course as demonstrated by respondents words "Teacher not happy about having a girl in the class and wasn't nice to me". The boys in class reacted similarly by implying that the respondent's was funny as quoted by the respondent "Boys were great they thought I was funny at first".
After the ...
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