Essay sample - Discuss the Impact on Children in Contemporary Britain of Parental Anxiety Over Childhood Risks

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This report aims to present a concise overview of parental anxiety within Britain, and its most serious consequences. Firstly, research relevant to parental anxiety within Britain shall be presented. Secondly, implications of parental anxiety for children shall be outlined. Finally, a conclusion shall synthesise the main points of the report. …


This essay stresses that developmental literature points to the necessity of some risk taking in a child’s life, so as to stimulate their socio-cognitive skills and abilities, and enhance their self-esteem and self-confidence, and to cultivate their ability to make reasonable decisions with regard to carrying out an activity. Children’s enthusiasm and curiosity for life becomes stifled, and there is an increased likelihood that they will in turn develop over-anxious personalities. As such, the risks associated with playground are advocated by some to be the positive attributes of the environments. Playgrounds function to allow play to occur, and play has been found to provide children with an appreciation and assessment skills to make calculated risks. Other research has indicated that the current move towards ‘sterile’ or ‘emasculated’ playgrounds may encourage children to adopt play environments that place them more at risk
This report makes a conclusion that it is evident that British parental anxiety is a normal function of parenting. However, it appears that parents are anxious that they are unable to control the external environment to the degree that is necessary to maintain their child’s well-being. For example, many parents are choosing to avoid playgrounds and the potential health hazards that they may present. Consequently there are negative health impacts on children, such as poor socio-cultural skills; a lack of independence and self-confidence, and the inability to assess a situation and to take calculated risks before enacting a behavior. ...
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