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Thinking About Race

I was unable to determine the racial makeup in my neighborhood, but the data for the population of the whole city, which' Westminster, CO is that the racial makeup of the city is 84.19% White, 1.23% African American, 0.74% Native American, 5.48% Asian, 0.08% Pacific Islander, 5.52% from other races, and 2.76% from two or more races. 15.23% of the population are Hispanic or Latino of any race. (Census Website)
I live in an area where the whites compose most of the population, thus the racial tolerance among them is lower than among the members of the communities, where the racial diversity is greater. Most of the women in my neighborhood are working, and some of them are the breadwinners in their families, thus, in my opinion, there are little displays of gender inequality in my home area.
As I've already mentioned, most of the members of my community are whites. As I'm a white female, most of them look like me; they have the same skin color and phenotypical peculiarities as I have. In the same time the other dwellers of our neighborhood, which are Hispanic, Asian or Afro-American, look quite differently. The shade of their skin is darker, they have the shapes of eyes and mouth different from mine. Most of the Afro-American women are taller than I am, and most of the Asian girls are lower. ...
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Unlike many other countries of the world America is a multinational state, that's why the genotypes and phenotypes of its citizens are very different. In addition, the members of various racial groups have severe differences in their psycho types due to the conditions they and their ancestors lived in…
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