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Power and Family

It is evident in a number of the works of certain sociologists such as Steven Lukes" Power: a radical view" where the three dimensions of power are discussed and evaluated.
This paper would review the role of power within a contemporary family setting and it would be so a number of levels -single parent setting, gay couples etc. The studies carried out by Michael Foucault and Max Weber provides key insight into the working and functionality of the family and the role of power as well.
Power can exist in different forms and the balance of the power in relationships can also vary. The sociologists examine the different ways that power plays a key role in the relationships in terms of the shifts in the balance etc. In most of the evaluations, it is done in those cases where the power in the relationships is either equal or almost equal.
Power is two sorts; primary and secondary. The primary force results in the direct use of force while the secondary use of power or rather coercion is used to define the use of threat by force and social constraint. Power can be held in different forms and ways such as delegated authority, social class, personal or group charisma, expertise, persuasion, fame, violence, operations of group dynamics etc.
According to Max Weber and his theory about power, there are certain groups such as classes, status groups which attempt to achi ...
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This paper would be about the role that is played by power within the family structure and how it is used to define the operations of a family. If one was to simply define the word power itself, it could define the way control is used to organize the external environment and the settings…
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