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Cultural Diversity and Nursing Practice

Nursing profession as a profession of caring need to cater to a rich variety of ethnicities. It is the goal of the medical profession to provide optimal health care for all patients. Unless cultural differences are taken into account, this goal cannot be accomplished. (Galanti, 1997, p. 135)
Caring to the multitude of global ethnicities is a daunting task and many scholars have thought about this problem. There is consensus now among the health care profession that cultural diversity is a reality that has to be coped with. Increasing number of scholars opine that sensitivity to cultural diversity has to be integrated as an important agenda in the training of nurses today. There is an ever-increasing body of well-researched knowledge concerning the paramount importance of culture in health care. Illness and health care practices are culturally related. In order to provide effective care for clients from different ethnic groups these beliefs and practices have to be studied, taken into account and duly respected. (Leininger 1991; Meleie et al 1992 and Andrews 1999) The literature on Cultural Diversity and Nursing, now occupies a sizable space in all modern libraries.
There have been many models that propose to integrate cultural diversity and nursing training. ...
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Transmigration of people across the globe is a reality today. Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand now have a sizable population from other countries and the present migration policies and the demographical trends indicate that more migrations will be required in certain regions in the years to come…
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