Research and Evidence Based Enquiry

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Social research is simply research conducted by social scientists (primarily within sociology and social psychology), but also within other disciplines such as social policy, human geography, political science, social anthropology and education. The frame of reference in these findings is centered on stigma, which is viewed as a superficial labeled kind of identity, that is the fault of the mental health system.


This includes, from census data on hundreds of thousands of human beings, through the in-depth analysis of a life of a single important person to monitoring what is happening on a streets today and in the medical institutions, or what was happening few hundreds years ago.
Many different methods are employed in order to describe, explore and understand social life. Social methods can generally be subdivided into two broad categories. Quantitative methods are concerned with attempts to quantify social phenomena and collect and analyses numerical data, and focus on the links among a smaller number of attributes across many cases. Qualitative methods, on the other hand, emphasize personal experiences and interpretation over quantification, are more concerned with understanding the meaning of social phenomena and focus on links among a larger number of attributes across relatively few cases.
Social research (and social science in general) is based on logic and empirical observations. Charles C. Ragin writes in his Constructing Social Research book "Social research involved the interaction between ideas and evidence. Ideas help social researchers make sense of evidence, and researchers use evidence to extend, revise and test ideas". ...
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