Chopsticks by Robert Barthes

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Robert Barthes in his "Chopsticks" drives on the ways of eating implementation of eastern or better to say East Asian techniques. The mystery begins with floating market of Bangkok where vendors are attracting the buyers with their variety of merchandise with each of the item present in smaller quantities.


The reason behind the smaller size of ingredients is this existence of sticks enabling it to grasp those tiny pieces before being the flavor of culinary delight. The mechanics behind the use of Chopsticks might be a topic that Barthes have tried to concentrate but his main stress has been those that are more of indicative beginning with the food, its fragrance to the choice concerning the intelligence of design and art of presentation and creation. Another phase that comes into Barthes' work is the sudden evolution of the concept that relates the use of chopsticks compared with that of hands. The most lovable part of this comparison is the transfer of food that has been correlated with the two hands getting into act with support based on fingers. The pincers like characteristic of the chopstick makes it an artistic man made presentation of the very act that raises the clump of rice from the utensil and slide is softly to the person's mouth. Rice over here has been given a snow like structure and look with whole entity being pushed through the lips while the diner's gesture has ultimately been used as something that has been glorifying the purpose of food. The food is no longer an important factor behind the existence of life but also an important unit of the art of dining with chopstick creating the entire "on the table" ruckus. ...
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