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Why I selected pharmacy as a career

Pharmacy today is a proud profession with exciting challenges, unlimited opportunities, and new directions for the future. These are the most essential things for me, because I am very hard working, outgoing and energetic person who is driven by success. Besides, I see that pharmacy new directions are helping the nation's healthcare needs to be met more efficiently and cost effectively. Opportunities exist in hospitals, public health clinics, and other facilities where pharmacy is assuming new roles and taking on new responsibilities. No other group of health professionals has such an impressive history of consumer advocacy. Other recent advances in the profession and the health care industry are likely to have a positive impact on recruitment.
The shortage of pharmacy specialists has a negative impact on patient care and is costly to the health care industry that is why my disease to master this profession is supported by the needs of the country. ...
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A pharmacist is a health-related professionstaffed by health care professionals. I understand that both the functional capacity and my professional needs must be considered in determining the appropriateness of intermediate care, because pharmacy facilities are the most medically sophisticated care option, and with the pharmacists shortage, they are in great demand today…
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