Government's Welfare Reform and Disabled People - Book Report/Review Example

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Government's Welfare Reform and Disabled People

Should they fail the test, their lives could become disastrous as they will not have any income at all to provide for their needs.
One good example of a government sponsored program that is designed for this purpose is a piloted program, known as Access to Work, which is put in place to help the mentally ill return to work and stay in work, as support will be provided should any problems arise with their conditions. Secretary of State for Work and Pensions James Parnell said that the cost for the support of the program has been doubled to 138 million. This is due to the government wanting to test out new methods that will provide help and support for those with mental disabilities, as well as their employers, enabling the mentally ill to remain self sufficient. The support will be in reserve, so there is no delay in receiving it should a person's mental condition worsen. The overall goal is that if a mentally ill person falls into crisis, there will be professionals that will respond quickly in order to enable them to get back on their feet, so they can continue on in the workforce. ...
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Rather than spending the money on the sick and those with disabilities to provide support for them and their carers, the government is now going to use vary large amounts of it to sponsor programs that are designed to send these people to work. Some of them will not fare well with this, especially if they suffer from a fluctuating condition that causes them to feel well one day and be sick the next…
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