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Essay example - The Effects and Changes in Parenting of Asian families After Immigration to Western societies

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The transition for immigrant families from one cultural framework to another is a long-term project of mutual adjustment. How parents and adolescents construct their ideas and the images they carry around with them influences their attitudes and behaviors toward each other…

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If the perceptions of parents and children are dissonant and based on lived historical experience or current realities, then their ability to manage the stresses of forced migration will be diminished even further. If the perceptions of each generation can be made more congruent, then it is likely that both parents and their children will see each other as resources rather than as additional stressors.
To understand this problem, Asian parenting styles and characteristics need to be studied. Warmth and dominating control offer two important dimensions of parental style that may be universal, and against which the meaning of specific practices might be elucidated. The use of these styles as touchstones was an important strategy which can be used in understanding data from new western cultures.
Immigration of Asian families to Western Societies usually involves major changes in parent-child relationships. The results of some studies have shown that the relations between immigrant parents and their children are vulnerable to the risks commonly associated with immigration, especially during the adolescent years (Nguyen & Williams, 1988). On the one hand, during adolescence, children become more cognitively sophisticated and think differently about what their parents can and cannot control in their lives. ...
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