How the Internet Has Affected Communication Behavior

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Much available literature regarding use of the Internet and how it affects communications behavior has been based upon a polarized spectrum: Strictly for gathering information and writing e-mails to online social perversion.
Understanding online communications behaviors is daunting, since pre-existing psychological/sociological factors cannot really be ruled out.


The Internet has proven to be a powerful tool for worldwide commerce and communication. Where ten years ago there were only 16 million Internet users, as of September 2005 there are now more than 957 million Internet users (Internet World Stats, Oct. 2005).
Prior to the Internet were video games, which over time became more and more sophisticated. The social impact of video games spawned a plethora of studies on human behavior and interaction, especially regarding young people and families. As the Internet began to take hold, people began to be able to communicate and play games over long distances, in real time. It was felt that this activity interrupted family and social life.
Also in the early days of the Internet we began to see message boards, where messages could be posted in an online community. Now, with ever-new Internet tools for more seamless communication, we need to examine how this is affecting the traditional forms of communication.
It has been said that Internet use decreases social interaction. According to a recent study by Stanford University (January 2005), frequent Internet users report a drop of 15% in traditional social activities, and as much as a 25% drop in use of the phone for talking to friends. ...
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