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Cigarettes in Fashion - Essay Example

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'Women smokers are likely to increase as the percentage of the total. Women are adopting more dominant roles in society; they have increased spending power . All that makes woman a prime target' Tobacco Reporter, 1998
Robert Foss (1973:279) states the cigarette smoking is widespread phenomena which for many was accepted as nothing more than an objectionable habit due to health and many other factors…

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Cigarettes in Fashion

The Hazlitt observation's of fashion as race of appearances, mode of symbolic expression which has been widely agreed by different sects of the society. (Dwight E. Robinson, 1961) Images of models smoking cigar featuring in fashion magazines, movies, posters, etc. have been the main cause for increased level of smoking among the youngsters as well as women which is well supported by Gilly Andrews (2005:47) as smoking is the UK's largest cause for preventable death and disability, responsible for over 120,000 deaths a year which comprises of 30,000 women costing 1.7 billion each year. M.A.H. Russell et al (1974) mentioned Tomkins psychological theory, wherein smoking was classified into four groups viz; positive effect smoking that produces or increases pleasant feeling, negative effect smoking that reduces unpleasant feelings, anger or fear, shame, etc., habitual smokers who smoke without affect and addictive smokers who smoke continuously without which he gets restless. ...
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