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Every Child Matters

It takes care of the wellbeing of children from birth to the age of nineteen. The government established this agenda with the aim of achieving the following five objectives in every child's life regardless of ethnic background, and other circumstances;
4. Making a Positive Contribution - this assist the children to achieve community and social development thereby managing to avoid anti-social behaviour and engaging in felonious character. It builds responsibility and accountability.
The government appreciates the need to create a healthy and ambitious young generation and as a result it had to take care of the needs of the less fortunate children in the society. Achieving the five outcomes has become the ambition of every child in the world despite their conditions or background. Achieving the five objectives is playing a very significant role in reducing the gap between the less fortunate children and their peers who are quite normal (Barnardo 2003).
This objective is to ensure that every child regardless of his or her background enjoys a vigorous lifestyle and proper health. Being healthy covers all aspects of body health i.e. Physical, mental, sexual, and emotional health as well as protecting the children from illicit drugs (Bridgeman 2007). ...
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In the current civil society, the health of a child and education are very vital for development since the children are the future leaders. Successful children are usually a great joy to the Family, they inspire hope, ambition and bright future and are great source of love, and as such they are highly cherished…
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