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Community Health Action and Health Development

Community work function is hence alongside with the professional practice of teachers, social workers, health workers, administrators, and the local church. It is now a full time professional task in the modern conditions of social change (ibid: 149).
It was moreover mentioned in the report that community work is conceptualized as part of education, especially adult education. It was merely an education or learning process, which is fulfilled by specialist community workers. There appeared to be a possibility that community work is a part of social work. In the UK experience, it appears that self-help and resident participation are possibilities for the improvement of inner city situations, with a growing recognition of poverty being a major feature of the UK society in the 1960's and early 1970's (Gulbenkian Report 1968). The initiative dwelling on community work is but a substantial and a sought-after remedy in terms of improving people's conditions.
Community health action sets a trend towards bettering the conditions of people through viable health support mechanisms that ensure this purpose. ...
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A question is laid to us about what community work is and perhaps, its current state in the UK. In the past, community work was a staggering activity in the UK, dwelling in the youth work and adult education alone. Eventually, 60 per cent were employed in the voluntary sector of some 5,365 community workers…
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