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Research Proposal example - City Dog Parks

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High school
Research Proposal
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Public parks are fundamentally an invention of America. The first public park ever originated specifically was in New York City by the name of Central Park (Lorzing, p. 135). Since then, a history of such parks began to evolve till now, when parks have become more a necessity than just a facility for the public.

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(Pena, p.vii)
According to Sookly, with the developing magnitude of dogs in the lives of citizens and in thickly populated metropolitan settings, require for a site has augmented where public with their dogs may concurrently intermingle and entertain. The noticeable boost in the present dog parks all over the country is a proof of this claim of dog possessors and the cohorts. However, due to the absence of empirical study on dog parks and their attributes of non-market values, the benefits of dog parks are often underestimated and considered less in the decision making process regarding resource allocation.(p. iii)
This research is intended to serve as a planning strategy of a potential dog park considering its possible usage, services to the users in support of their expected activities keeping in view their preferences and needs and to establish the fact that such parks are not mere exercise spot for the dogs but are a mode to meet people's need of socializing and entertaining foliage like other parks.
As discussed earlier that enough empirical research on this topic has not yet been conducted yet, this study may add as a awareness source offering data on essential information regarding the application and users of such parks, number a ...
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